Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Marie Ghosted By Robby Hayes And Dropped By Ex Rob Valletta After Secret Reconnection

Scheana Marie just can’t catch a break when it comes to her love life. The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star opened up on what’s going on with her potential suitors.

Bachelor Nation alumni Robby Hayes and Scheana Marie sparked romance rumors when he was spotted in more than a few of her Snapchats. The dating buzz heated up when they took a flirty trip to Hawaii.

Since then, fans of the SURver haven’t seen a cameo of Hayes in her social media. It turns out that he ghosted her!

The 33-year-old told US Weekly why he’s been MIA from any of her profiles: “I actually have not spoken to him since October, and it still baffles me because him and I were such good friends. We went to Hawaii together. We went on a few dates. We made out on that date, as you saw,” she explains. “And then, he was on a trip in Mexico, we were texting and I was like, ‘I miss you. Let’s have a Robby-Scheana day soon.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah. I’ll be back tomorrow.’ … I’ve literally never heard from him again.”

Awkward. To make things even worse, viewers of ‘VPR’ will recount Scheana’s last relationship with Rob Valletta. The two apparently reconnected at a Chargers game and he also ended up ghosting her.

“Long story, short, we had a great conversation. We’re getting back in a good place. We hung out a couple of times, and then he heard a rumor about me and instead of asking me if it was true, believed the person who told him. It was a completely convoluted, exaggerated story. And the fact that he just believed this person and cut me off so quickly after wanting to be back in my life, that’s just not someone I need around me.”


As far as the status of her situationship with Adam Spott, the aspiring pop star explained that they are in the exact same complicated space now that they are on the show.

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