Shanina Shaik’s Naked Pic On International Women’s Day Slammed By Fans – Hollywood Life

Model Shanina Shaik responded to critical comments on her International Women’s Day nude Instagram picture that she was ‘promoting the wrong idea’ of what ‘real strength’ is.

Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik, 28, posted a nude Instagram picture in honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, and clapped back at criticism that she was “promoting the wrong idea” on the holiday in honor of women. “I understand clothes or no clothes, it’s nothing to harm or pushing in a sexual manner,” the Australian model said in response to a criticizing comment on her picture, which you can view here.

“Stripping doesn’t make you strong happy women’s day to all the women who know what real strength is,” one fan commented on Shanina’s nude picture. The model replied, “This is simply capturing a beautiful image of a raw woman’s body. Where is stripping? And shouldn’t we uplift women on international women’s day?”

Another critic tried to add on to the first commenter’s statement. “I think [the first commenter] is simply saying you don’t need to be naked on International Women’s Day. But yes we should uplift and support women but not in this way. [It’s] promoting the wrong idea.”

The comments about what “real strength” entails may have been in response to Shanina’s original caption with her picture that said: “‘Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.’ #internationalwomensday.”

While being in the nude is unfairly a controversial topic due to women being sexualized, we think Shanina definitely has a point. Who is anyone to police her on how she shares her body, and how she chooses to define strength? Also, minimizing her message to just “stripping down” makes her post into something that it wasn’t at all (even though stripping isn’t something to shame, either!). It’s unfortunate that Shanina’s message was watered down, and that her hope to celebrate the holiday was questioned and debated when she was just trying to celebrate women. Her comment section turned into a place of skepticism over what real strength and celebration of womanhood should look like – instead of just celebrating women in the first place.

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