As if beard and hair and shave and more goodies weren’t fun enough, we went ahead and gamified your grooming.

Whether you’re an in-person Beardsgaard client, a River Peak Apothecary client from a far flung place in the world, or any combination thereof, we have a multitude of ways to make it more fun to do the things you were going to do anyway.


Booking your appointments online earns you points, as does very dollar you spend in shop. Use it any day for 20% off products, and on that one magical day every year, Treat Yo Self Day (October 13th, or, on years 10/13 may fall on a Sunday, 10/12), use it for 50% of your total purchases at Beardsgaard. {Read Moar!}


Earn gold by completing quests like spending coin, making an account, recruiting a friend, exploring the mythology, following or sharing us (River Peak Apothecary, in this case) on social media, and even just for getting another year older on your name day. {Read Moar!}


A number of us in the shop grew up on a magical card game. Now that we’re all grown up with the Adobe Creative Suite, we went and made our own. Whole decks of them, in fact. Collect a whole deck and win merch like T-shirts and such. Gotta catch em all, eh? {Read Moar!}

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