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A Word from Yer Barbers

We get it, everyone would love a barbershop where they can just walk in, sit down, and get a haircut on their exact timeline. But as the saying goes, if you want a good barber, you have to deal with a busy barber (although if you want to help us knock down that wait a bit, here’s the best way to do it)

Because we do everything in our power to cater to clients of every conceivable scheduling need, we in turn require clients to honor their commitments to the appointments they make, because we have to turn away so many other clients that want those appointments.

Due to a recent influx of No-Shows will be required to settle their account’s missed appointment fee (50% of appointment cost) before they will be able to make another appointment. Late Cancellations (<12 hours notice) are not quite as grievous, unless we are not able to fill that appointment, in which case, we do need to pay the barbers.

Basically, let’s all be cool to each other. Like a bunch of little Fonzies.

By booking an appointment at the bottom of the page, you agree to Beardsgaard Barbers’ appointment policies above.

Apologies for the small text in the appointment widget, one day we’ll know enough CSS to fix it, but in the meantime you can also make your appointments the super slick way on the Mindbody App.

Links O’ Helpfulness

Walk-In Wait Times / Prices & Services / Mindbody Booking App

To learn about all the ways to get in the chair, watch this horrifying video we made all about just that.

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