Lisa Rinna Says Lisa Vanderpump Gets Preferential Treatment From Bravo – She Should’ve Been Fired For Refusing To Shoot RHOBH!

Lisa Rinna did not hold anything back when she decided to slam her co-star, Lisa Vanderpump’s work ethic! As fans remember, there were reports that Vanderpump refused to shoot with the rest of the cast and now, Rinna says she only filmed ‘half a season.’

The RHOBH star complained that it is ‘not a fair playing field’ and stated that from her point of view, Vanderpump should have been fired for not doing her job properly.

This is what Rinna said while on the latest episode of The Jenny McCarthy Show.

‘I understand that everyone’s grieving process is different and our hearts have gone out to her and we feel so deeply for Lisa Vanderpump [because of her brother’s death]. Saying that, what I’m the most disappointed about is the fact that she did not reach out to any of us.’

Apparently, Lisa Vanderpump did not call anyone at all for two and a half months!

All in all, Rinna just doesn’t think the situation is fair!

She told the host that ‘the fact that Bravo took no — you know, there were no consequences — she was able to just do that. I think it’s a really bad example of women in the workforce.’

Rinna made it very clear that in her opinion, the network offers Vanderpump special treatment, adding ‘And she has another show on Bravo. It’s not fair — it’s not a fair playing field.’

The star then pointed out that she just shot an entire season for Vanderpump Rules right before season 9 of RHOBH!


When asked if she would fire Venderpump given the opportunity, Rinna said yes since in her opinion, if the roles were reversed, Rinna would have lost her job.

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