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There’s a record-breaking number of women running for the 2020 presidential election. This time, quantity is equal to quality in the Democratic party — Kathy Griffin, 58, challenges anyone who thinks otherwise! The comedian said it’s “fantastic” to see this many women have a chance at becoming commander in chief while talking EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammys party on Feb. 9. But she wanted to make one point clear: “You know, the great thing is [that] the right wing is trying to convince everyone that our team doesn’t have a great bench, but we do.”
That Democratic “bench” includes Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, California Sen. Kamala Harris, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who just formally announced her presidential bid on Feb. 9! “Dems have such a strong bench it is an embarrassment of riches,” Kathy continued. As optimistic as she is, she fears one turn out. “What I don’t want to see is Elizabeth Warren get Hillary’d about the whole Native American thing because my mom and dad told me I am 100% Irish Catholic,” she joked.
In Oct. 2018, the senator took a DNA test to prove that she is indeed Native American, after Donald Trump bet $1 million that she wasn’t. Four months later, and it was revealed Elizabeth apologized to the Cherokee Nation as Julie Hubbard, executive director of Cherokee Nation Communications, told Rolling Stone in a statement, “being a Cherokee Nation tribal citizen is rooted in centuries of culture and laws not through DNA tests.”

It was a small hiccup, and Kathy is instead focusing on the big picture — a chance to see a woman become president for the first time in the United States’ history. “I am pulling for, I was going to say, all the Dems, but probably mostly the women,” she admitted to HL. “I want to see a female president, a Democrat in my lifetime! We’ll see….we’ll see.” That’s a wish we can all get behind! Until then, we’ll wait patiently for the 2020 presidential primaries.

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