How to grow a beard without the agony of beard itch


You’ve started off with a nice electric shave to the skin but are still itching?! I have more advice to help you on your manly journey. This involves buying some products for your beard, or if you’re cheap like me “borrowing” some of your 16 year old daughters hair products.

You need to wash and condition your beard, there are many expensive shampoos and conditioners for beards available online and I bet they work great. I went a little cheaper on this issue and it seems to be working out fine for me. I’ve tried bar soap (do not use!), regular hair shampoo (works ok), and head and shoulders shampoo which has worked the best to help with itching. It has the added bonus of preventing beard dandruff, a definite turnoff. For conditioner my daughter happened to have some fruity stuff for dry hair sitting in the bathroom. That has worked great, leaving the beard soft and smelling like Hawaii. It should be noted when using products on your beard you are going to eat some incidentally, and teenage girl fruity hair conditioner tastes ok as far as hair products go.

Beard oil and a boars hair brush are keys to keeping your beard looking good and itch free. Source Unsplash.

The last steps to help with beard itch and the only things I recommend actually buying are a boars hair brush and some beard oil. The boars hair brush is stiff and good at working through a thick beard to pull the ends of the hairs away from the skin. I use the beard oil liberally and then brush after bathing. I also do this several times per day if my beard is itchy or I want to look more manicured.

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