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Welcome to the ‘AGT: The Champions’ finals! The final acts competed one last time for votes. Plus, the judges revealed two last-minute wildcard additions!

Cristina Ramos is the first finalist to hit the stage. She is ready to rock and roll. She wants to win to “prove to myself that I belong here.” The Spain’s Got Talent winner starts out with gorgeous opera vocals before transitioning into Blondie’s “Call Me.” She seamlessly goes back and forth between opera and rock. The AGT: The Champions judges praise her performance, and Simon Cowell tells her that “anything could happen after that.”

Preacher Lawson is up next. The comedian will be going up against Darci Lynne Farmer, the girl he lost to in season 12. But he doesn’t let Darci being added as a wildcard shake him up. He comes to the stage ready to make everyone laugh, and he does just that. He goes all out and even strips shirtless! “You give us everything,” Howie Mandel says. Simon notes that he felt like he was “watching a star.”

Wildcard pick and AGT season 12 winner Darci Lynne returns to the stage in hopes of getting those votes. Darci Lynne brings her A-game with an amazing performance. She sings opera! “This is your best ever performance,” Simon declares. “I think you may win tonight.” Heidi’s Golden Buzzer act, Deadly Games, is up next. They promise to shock the judges even more with their next performance. Anne Silva dodges knives — big and small — thrown by Alfredo Silva. He also shoots an apple on top of her head with a crossbow. They don’t stop there. He shoots a balloon right above her head while she rotates on a wheel. But they’re still not done! The duo has the judges and host on stage to shoot balloons they’re holding with a crossbow. Deadly Games is making us all break out in a sweat!

Kechi takes the stage to sing a powerful rendition of “Opportunity” from the 2014 Annie remake. Her voice is absolutely incredible. Simon tells Kechi that she’s one of his “favorite contestants.” He also added, “You’re a total star.” However, Mel B didn’t think the performance was totally perfect. “We lost you a little bit,” she tells Kechi. Simon strongly disagrees with her. Brian Justin Crum wows with a stunning rendition of The Greatest Showman’s “Never Enough.” Mel B calls the performance a “slam dunk.”

The second wildcard is magician Jon Dorenbos. He makes sure his second chance performance is a memorable one. His act is fun and exciting. He leaves the judges absolutely speechless. “You’re so entertaining,” Heidi says. You’re so good.” Simon tells Jon that he has a shot to win the whole thing! Howie is absolutely “stunned!”

Angelica Hale may be small, but her voice packs a punch! She belts out a terrific rendition of Shontelle’s “Impossible,” and the judges are so impressed. This little girl could win AGT: The Champions for sure! Terry Crews’s Golden Buzzer act Kseniya Simonova captivates the audience with her latest story told through sand. Heidi says Kseniya is “truly amazing.” Simon declares Kseniya’s talent is “one of the most beautiful, creative things I’ve seen on this show.”
Paul Potts hits the stage for yet another gorgeous opera performance. “I have a feeling you have a really good chance at winning,” Simon tells him. AGT season 13 winner Shin Lim stuns with another incredible magic act. Heidi calls it “another jaw-dropping performance,” and Simon gives him so much credit for coming back after winning last year. The final performance of the night comes from none other than Susan Boyle. She effortlessly performs “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Misérables. Susan’s vocals are simply stunning. “You’re a champion,” Simon tells her. Well, Susan’s going to have to wait until Feb. 18 to find out whether or not she’s the winner of AGT: The Champions!

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