Terry Crews: American Media, Inc. tried to blackmail me with fake stories


National Enquirer is owned by American Media, Inc. (AMI). After Jeff Bezos accused National Enquirer of blackmailing him, Ronan Farrow claimed they tried the same with him. Now Terry Crews is lending his voice to the case against AMI by reminding everyone that two years ago they tried blackmailing him. Right after Terry appeared on Good Morning America to discuss his sexual assault claims, Radar Online threatened to go to the press with information about Terry soliciting prostitutes. Only the information they were threatening Terry with was completely fabricated, so Terry exposed them on Twitter and The Radar story just went away:

I’m a fan of exposing this kind of nonsense. I mean, obviously Terry should have exposed it because what they were going to print was a blatant lie. But it makes me think of all the voices who felt they couldn’t take action against the studios or agencies protecting people like Harvey Weinstein and Bryan Singer because they feared they’d be ruined. Terry has the support of his family and castmates, but other victims had no one to back them up and probably lacked the resources to expose them. It makes me sick to think how many careers and lives were crushed by these kinds of bullying tactics.

Speaking of Bryan Singer, remember that he is still listed as the director the now paused Red Sonja movie, whose protagonist is a sexual assault survivor. And the reason Bryan is still directing after being exposed as a predator, is because Millennium chairman, Avi Lerner, called the accusations against Singer, agenda driven fake news, in other words, he called all Singer’s victims liars. Lerner, you may remember, was the one who threatened Terry’s role in The Expendables 4 if he continued to go after Adam Venit and ultimately did cut Terry from the film. So file this under agenda-driven fake news if you like but I think Avi Lerner has the moral compass of a sunken ship and should be shown the all the doors. And I hope they hit him on the ass when he is pushed through them.

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