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This is the best Monday ever! SHINee’s Taemin released his second mini album titled ‘WANT’ and a new music video that’s absolutely epic. Fans are so excited about the new music and video. Watch and listen now!

Taemin’s second mini album includes 7 fantastic tracks, including “WANT,” “Shadow,” and “Never Forever.” The 25-year-old SHINee member dropped the album on Feb. 11, much to the delight of fans across the world. Taemin didn’t stop there. He also released his music video for “WANT,” and incredible doesn’t even begin to describe it. From start to finish, the music video is epic. The vision for “WANT” is so amazing. Each scene from the music video could be in an art museum! That’s how gorgeous this music video is. Taemin’s “WANT” music video is pretty sexy and charming, too! One fan tweeted, “Lee Taemin delivering the song of the year.” Another wrote that “WANT” was the “BEST COMEBACK OF THE YEAR.”

This isn’t Taemin’s first solo album. He released Press It in 2016, Move in 2017, and Taemin in 2018. In addition to his solo work, Taemin has continued to be a member of SHINee. The more music from Taemin and SHINee, the better!

Taemin revealed in a new interview that he’ll likely schedule a solo concert in 2019! “As I’m making my solo comeback for the first time in a very long time, I would like to pour [all of my energy] into [promotions] and show many different things,” he said, according to Soompi. “If I release another album besides this upcoming album, I would like to reveal a new side of myself. I also have plans to hold a concert. It will happen sometime this year.” How exciting!

He also talked about Jonghyun, the SHINee group member who tragically died in 2017 after an apparent suicide. “I think [I miss him] very suddenly. Truly out of the blue,” Taemin said. I would be fine, and then suddenly, I’m reminded of him.”

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