Meghan Markle – Close Friend Reveals She’s Actually Tried To Contact Her Father Many Times Without Success!

According to a new source close to the Duchess, she might not have ‘ghosted’ her dad, Thomas. Meghan Markle’s friend tells ET that the former actress has actually tried to contact her father, be it via text messages or phone call, several times and he did not answer.

As you may know, Thomas Markle has complained many times in the press that his royal daughter refuses to see or even talk to him no matter how much he begs her.

About that, the insider claimed that Meghan ‘absolutely loves her father but feels betrayed’ by his many interviews on TV and in the online media.

The whole family drama started with Thomas being caught faking some paparazzi pics of him.

Furthermore, while the man was supposed to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day, he needed emergency heart surgery just days before, so he had to skip his trip to England.

Prince Harry’s father Prince Charles took over that role instead.

Meghan’s friend went on to tell the news outlet that ‘Kensington Palace was just trying to put a stop to those staged photos being leaked. Meghan contacted her dad before the wedding to ask if there was any shred of truth and he assured Meghan that there was no truth to the reports. So, he lied to Meghan. She absolutely trusted him when he said it was untrue.’

Furthermore, while Thomas claims his daughter has completely frozen him out, close pals of Meghan insist that is not true.

In fact, she kept learning about his health problems from news stories and was very worried but did not get to talk to him.


Soon after the wedding, she supposedly wrote him a letter telling Thomas she wanted to fix their father-daughter relationship but did not get a response.

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