bitchy | Marie Kondo on The Late Show: ‘We all have clutter in our hearts’

I’m so here for Marie Kondo on all the shows. Marie was on The Late Show with her translator, Marie Iiada, who goes by Iiada which is less confusing than having the same first name as her employer. I last reported on Marie’s interview on Access Live, where she was asked about her method and demonstrated her folding technique. On The Late Show, Colbert tried to be funny but he just ended up highlighting how awesome Marie and her method are. You could tell he really admired her too.

Why do you think Americans love your philosophy and your cleaning up so much?
I think it’s that we all have problems tidying in our homes. We all have clutter in our hearts and that’s what needs tidying.

Colbert asked her if she could help him thank his desk like she thanks homes
I usually do this in my heart. We can verbalize just for today. Just express the gratitude for this desk and this studio [allowing] you to do this amazing show.

Colbert: Thank you Ed Sullivan. I don’t understand anything you’re saying, but even if you had no translator, I would follow you to a cult compound and never leave.

After that Colbert took random things out of his desk like hand sanitizer, a Cinnabon, bourbon and a fitted sheet. Marie taught him the method and he kissed the bourbon. (My mom watches his show every night and she thinks he’s an alcoholic.) Then Marie showed him how to fold the sheet.

Yes it was cheesy and Colbert was going for laughs but I am starting to get it! I’m not a spiritual person but I can try to do this, to be grateful for things and to let them go. This is making more sense to me. Plus Colbert is right I want to do whatever Marie tells me to do.

Here’s the video!

Look at Iiada looking at Marie when she gave the “we all have clutter in our hearts” line!

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