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YouTuber Kanta’s Massive “Rice Wave” Photo Sparked Viral Meme

YouTuber Kanta’s Massive “Rice Wave” Photo Sparked Viral Meme.

Japanese YouTuber Kanta had his “rice wave” prank turned into a viral meme.  For the past few weeks, a photo has been floating around social media which features a picture of Kanta stirring up rice in a large wok pan.  The most impressive thing about the photo is how Kanta is able to turn the rice into the shape of a large wave just by moving the handle on the pan.

Kanta later revealed in a YouTube video that the picture is staged and the rice wave sculpture that he used set him back about $3,938.00, according to Mashable.  The prop was used for a prank which he filmed and uploaded onto a popular Japanese YouTube channel now known as MTV Tokyo Fried Rice Guys.

In the video, Kanta asks his friend Tommy to assist him while he makes the rice dish which his friend believes is real.  He starts off with small batches before gradually progressing to the huge mold that’s shown in the photo above.

Social media believed the photo to be real after seeing it without the accompanying video.  Many were amazed at Kanta’s skills while others help turned it into a viral meme with the help of photoshop.

Press play to see the full “rice wave” prank video above and check out some of our favorite memes below:

Both Kanta and Tommy took to social media to thank everyone who edited and uploaded their own hysterical version of the rice wave photo.


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