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Settle down! Thousands of fans tuned in to watch ‘RENT: Live’ on FOX and while they might’ve started out being jealous of the audience in the room where it was all happening, they soon turned on them. Here’s why.

For many, the whole reason to watch RENT: Live was to sing along with their favorite songs. The show, which is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year, is beloved by millennial theater nerds everywhere, and many took to Twitter to share their frustrations when their living room sing alongs were unexpectedly interrupted. The set up for FOX’s live production (which ended up being not so live in the end) included a live audience in the round, and they, well, they wouldn’t SHUT UP!

At least that’s how many fans felt when they took to Twitter to live tweet the show. Many complained that during pivotal points of the show, the audience’s cheering drowned out the music — I can’t say they were wrong. Specifically, during ‘Today 4 U’, Angel’s big number, Valentina arrived on stage to thunderous applause — and rightly so. However, the first half of her performance was completely drowned out as she strutted passed a group in the audience that reacted as if they were sitting front row at rock concert than the theater. True, Rent is a rock opera, but it was, in a word, distracting.

And the folks at home made sure to make it known how they felt. “I’m just oddly confused about #RENTLive,” said one tweeter. “Like why the audience…. whyyyyyy…. why are you ruiningggg thissss?” Another wrote, “The real villain of #rentlive is this AWFUL AUDIENCE.” Bit harsh, Tai — but it doesn’t end there. Here are a few more reactions:


Distractions aside, I think we can all just agree it’s nice to see this next generation fall in love with this musical. It deserves to revered for all time. And like the song goes — no day like today.

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