Tamar Braxton Allegedly Slapped By Lolo Jones In ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House — Did The Olympian Get Kicked Out?

Kandi Burruss isn’t the only one that Tamar Braxton is facing off against in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house. Social media is speculating that Lolo Jones allegedly got evicted from the mansion after getting into a violent altercation with the ‘Braxton Family Values’ star!

Superfans of the show were watching the live feed available online before the footage was cut in what seemed to have been a heated fight between the Olympian and singer. According to the words exchanged before the feed was turned off, Lolo was sick of being ‘popped off’ on by the mother of one and confronted her about it.

Jones told Tamar: “I’m f***ing cool. Last night we all f***ing stayed up to make sure you’re f***ing cool. You are popping off on us. What you need to f***ing do is calm down and stop f***ing popping off on everybody.”

Braxton left the room and Lolo followed. Things were building up so intensely that Kandi Burruss, who just settled her beef with Tamar, stepped in.

The 41-year-old told the ‘RHOA’ star: “The next time somebody call me a b***h, I’m going to start yanking.”

To which Jones quipped: “Then do it.”

Tamar responded: “Then say it.”

Seconds after, Jones allegedly slapped the glasses off of Tamar’s face while the live feed stated that it would return later.

It’s said that Lolo got the boot after the dispute was broken apart.

This comes after Tamar and Kandi Burruss made headlines for their conversation where Tamar accused the Xscape singer of acting unprofessionally on tour and hurting her feelings.

After some time, the two had another peaceful conversation. The ‘Bluebird of Happiness’ singer lets Kandi know that she wants to get to know her better and they hug it out.


It has yet to be confirmed that Lolo Jones really got the boot, but judging by the footage it wouldn’t be a surprise. What do you think happened?

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