Matthew McConaughey Discusses The Very Moment He Realized He’d Made It In Hollywood!

The Hollywood star still remembers the exact moment he realized he was an actual celebrity! Matthew McConaughey was in attendance at the premiere of his brand new movie titled Serenity in NYC last night, and while there, he chatted with ET.

During the interview, McConaughey recalled the time it hit him he’d made it in the film industry.

‘I just finished A Time to Kill, so I just was fully in the public eye, and I remember very clearly over a weekend, it went from ‘There’s a hundred scripts I’d love to do, but I could only do one to Monday when the movie comes out. All of a sudden, I could do like 99 of those, and I was like ‘Three days ago I wanted to do every one of these,’ he revealed, adding that it was a pretty fun ride at the time.

Also during the same interview, the actor discussed his longtime crush on his co-star Diane Lane.

‘I had a crush on her since a film she was in – Lonesome Dove. That may’ve been nearly preteens for me, and [now] I get to work with her. She looks pretty much the same as she did back then. And she is one of the great actors that we have in the show business and the business of storytelling. It was a real privilege I got to work with her.’

Matthew went on to reveal that on the very first day of filming he told her what he felt but the actress, who was also there, confessed that she did not remember the moment.


While Lane said she believes he probably did tell her that, she admitted that she might have ‘blocked it out.’

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