Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson parades dermal piercing on privates


The brunette beauty has never been one to hold back when it comes to sharing too much information – and her latest snap proved that.

Posing in sheer lingerie, the Geordie Shore babe flashed a whole lotta flesh without a second thought.

While her chest was on full display and her nipples were visible through the see-through fabric, that wasn’t the part of the snap that truly sent pulses racing.

The nude bodysuit clung to every inch of her skin, and as it tugged on her privates, she explained what it was that fans could see.

Sharing the raunchy snap to her 3.2 million Instagram followers, she wrote: P.S, I have dermal piercings down there, in case you were wondering.”

Sitting on her privates, Marnie revealed that the bump between her legs was a series of piercings, not hair or spots.

Revealing all on her Instagram story, she said: “I’m sick of everyone asking about my piercings.

“It’s not hair, it’s not spots, I’ve got two piercings, two dermal piercings.

RANT: Marnie went on a rant about her piercings (Pic: INSTAGRAM)


SPILLED: Marnie spilled on her private piercing (Pic: INSTAGRAM)

“So can people please stop DMing me saying I’ve got spots down there.”

She added: “So if you see a picture and you’re a bit confused, I hope I’ve cleared that up for you.”

As she was filming the video, she was sat in the lingerie, with her chest almost on full display while she went on the rant about her followers.

After telling them about her piercings, she explained she’d removed her lip fillers, adding that the only thing she’s got on her face is botox in her head.


ANNOYED: The babe showed her annoyance on Instagram (Pic: INSTAGRAM)


STRIPPED DOWN: Marnie has been love stripping down in her latest snaps (Pic: iNSTAGRAM)

While she gave her followers the explanation, she still gets endless comments about her looks, but the babe has begged people to leave her alone.

Marnie’s near-nude snap has come from her being annoyed with people making assumptions about her body – including small things like spots and hair.

After confirming it’s nothing but piercings on her privates, she finished with a smile, telling those who were making nasty comments to unfollow her.

Despite getting a number of negative comments daily, the babe still posts her jaw-dropping photos – and her fans seem more than happy.

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