Joseline Hernandez Is Being Called A Bad Mother After Posting Gorgeous Photos Where Bonnie Bella Is Missing Teeth — Should Stevie J Intervene?


Miss Joseline Hernandez has some questions to answer about Bonnie Bella’s missing tooth.

The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star and Stevie J’s baby mama debuted a gorgeous photo shoot with her baby girl, Bonnie Bella, who recently celebrated her second birthday.

The femcee wore a sheer top that angered even some of her fans because her breasts were visible.

However, Joseline was really dragged because Bonnie Bella appears to be missing a front tooth and supporters are baffled as to how that might have happened.

Some parents say that it is possible that a child that age could have had lost teeth after they naturally fell off.

Critics claim that Joseline is a bad mother and Bonnie Bella had rotten teeth, and she had them removed.

One person went hard at the mom of one by saying: “Put on some clothes in front of that baby you sleez! 😡What mom shows her boobs in public with her child. Why your baby missing teeth tho? She’s a baby she should have all of them. I have four and no all about children and teeth 🦷 you believe what you that and imma stick with what I know and believe and I lose mine at the right age 6 which allllll 4 of my children did too. That better be a built-in car seat for the pretty princess… I don’t play that sh*t fools drive all day long safety first then back to turning up! Stay lit @joseline.”

Another commenter stated: “Teeth don’t fall out at 1 or 3 or 3 even my someone and she just getting a mouth full that Boni Bella got meth mouth something ain’t right. Wait a min… how old is this lil girl🤔 is she already losing teeth or are they just now growing in🤔 I’m confused asf🤦🏽‍♀️.”

This person wrote: “Many kids lose their teeth on it’s not rotten just started shaking on you lose it without going to the dentist. Maybe you never lose a tooth as a kid. I am not talking about rotten teethWow how sad are all of you people to be saying disgusting things about her beautiful daughter! Yous are all jealous because you are broke, and no one even knows yous lol so stop judging a poor innocent child and grow up.”

A fourth follower decided to defend Joseline: “People always find something wrong with a photo the baby is beautiful maybe her teeth are not missing perhaps that’s the way the photo look. People are so judgemental.”


Joseline can never win with the critics.

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