The Great Expansion Fundraiser

Saying no is so hard. Especially in the service industry. So when people ask to book an appointment for a haircut and beard trim a month from now and we have to say no because we’re full, it truly does pain us in our souls.

Yes, it’s a good problem to have. But it still results in disappointed clients, and if we have a solution to make it better, we are going to give it our all to make it happen.

So let’s add room for another few thousand butts in the chair each year, shall we?

Good Problems Still Need to Be Solved

Just like our original Indiegogo campaign before we opened, we aren’t even asking you for money to make this happen! Or, we’re not asking you to GIVE us money at least. We’re going to work for it.

Or WERK for it, as it were. Because do we have some packages for you to lay your eyes/hands on. For less than they would cost you in shop, sometimes far less.

If you can even GET them in shop! Some perks are exclusive to Indiegogo, and not available in shop for any price – like your own trading cards, the Adventure/Wizard crates, our pre-launch scrub packs, and more.

Check them all out below, and head on over to our Indiegogo to choose your favorite, while being part of the future of Beardsgaard. Endless thanks to you all, Realm.

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