David Eason Accuses Nathan Griffith Of Raping 10-Year-Old Boy In HS


After Nathan Griffith accused David Eason of abusing his son, Kaiser, the former MTV star is hitting back with his own child abuse allegation. Read David’s shocking claims, which Nathan angrily denied in an interview.

David Eason is fighting back after his wife’s ex, Nathan Griffith, accused him of swatting his 4-year-old son, Kaiser, with a stick in the summer of 2018. The feud resurfaced with the Season 9 premiere of Teen Mom 2, which aired on Jan. 14 and ended with Nathan and David’s wife, Jenelle Evans, heading to court for custody over Kaiser. A day after the episode aired, Nathan shared shocking photos of Kaiser’s behind covered in large marks. He accused David for being responsible, but David’s flipping the script with a disturbing accusation of his own. “Nathan raped a 10-year-old boy when he was 16 and in high school,” he posted to Snapchat after Nathan shared the pictures of Kaiser, according to screenshots a fan reposted (below).

“His school kicked him out, his mom sent him to Tennessee to live with family. He was ‘rehabilitated’ and they thought he was ok after treatment,” David continued to claim. “I’m sorry but a person who does something like that at a young age should never be allowed in general public. He is a predator and should not even be allowed around children. This is why his visits are supervised and that will never change.”

According to Nathan’s side of the story, his son said David “hit” him — but Jenelle’s husband claimed the exact opposite. David is alleging that Kaiser said it was his dad who created the marks. “Must be true because it wasn’t there when Kaiser left and wasn’t there when he got home 3 days later,” David said of the accusation. “It was probably makeup for all we know.” Jenelle had also claimed that Kaiser was bruised during a water slide incident, saying that his daycare “confirmed” the incident. David continued his Snapchat rant, writing, “I mean Nathan does wear makeup and shave his legs everyday so I wouldn’t put it past him. He also painted Kaiser’s finger and toenails with pink fingernail polish. I told him he better never do no gay sh*t to Kaiser like he did to that little boy!”

David then reacted to our story, which acknowledged Nathan’s pictures of Kaiser’s marks. “Looks like Gaythan isnt getting enough attention? So he decided to post naked pictures of a 4 year old. I guess he didnt learn his lesson when he got in trouble for rapping [sic] a 10 year old boy when he was 16,” he wrote over a screenshot of the article. He then blasted Nathan with more accusations: “Yes, Nathan is a rapist! He also severely beat 3 women that we know of. He hit Jenelle with a truck. Kaiser tells us every other week that Nathan and Ashley fight and yell at Nanna and its ‘very scary.’” David’s referring to Nathan’s girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, who also backed up Nathan’s claims.

Nathan denied all of David’s allegations, but wasn’t surprised. “He lies about me all the time. That is disgusting, there is no way that would happen,” Nathan told Radar Online. “The best way to tell the truth is past behavior. We have all seen their history. Some people make changes in life, but others are self-destructive to themselves and people around them. I am handling it in my own way.” Nathan also claimed that Jenelle’s manager started the rumors “years ago,” saying, “I never had a mental disorder. I never went to rehabilitation, no one in my family has been to rehabilitation. Their claim is defamation to my character.” He was once engaged to Jenelle, but they called off their relationship in Aug. 2015. HollywoodLife has reached out to Jenelle’s reps for comment.

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