King Keraun Drops Trailer For New FuseTV Show “That White People Sh*t”

King Keraun Drops Trailer For New FuseTV Show “That White People Sh*t.”

King Keraun is immersing himself into “white culture” for his brand new television show on FuseTV.  “That White People Sh*t” will consist of the comedian partaking in activities that are often associated with white people like ‘LARPing, goat yoga, taxidermy, chainsaw carving, and Bigfoot hunting.’

“Every episode he explores a different subculture particular to white culture and immerses himself in them, trying out things like slacklining, goth culture, aerial fitness, and creative pet grooming.”

King Keraun dropped the trailer for the series on his official Instagram page and was met with criticism and praise from followers.

“I never denied history or your personal experiences. That was an unfortunate chapter of history and there’s no denying that. However, that does not give u the right to treat white people like shit and magically assume and define an entire race and the way they think because of that. Every individual is different,” said user @pchamb.

Another user shared that they couldn’t wait for the series to drop because much like King Keraun they were curious about the “hobbies, physical activities, and games” that happen to be associated with a particular race.

“I can’t wait to watch this bc I NEED ANSWERS.. when something is off .. my answer is Hell no I’m not doing that’s ..THAT’S TOO MUCH LIKE WHITE DF,” shared another user.

The show will premiere on FuseTV on January 20th, 2019,  at 11:30 pm directly after the programs WTF Baron Davis series.  Press play to see the trailer below:

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