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Our hearts go out to Jamie Otis and her family. The ‘Married at First Sight’ star took to Instagram to reveal heartbreaking news on Jan. 11: she’s suffering her second miscarriage within four months, and third overall. 

Jamie Otis, 32, learned tragic news after her doctor’s appointment on Jan. 11. The Married At First Sight star had a “failed miscarriage” because her and husband Doug Hehner’s baby stopped growing along with the amniotic sac “at some point,” she explained in an Instagram post on Friday. The couple had just announced news of the pregnancy in a Dec. 2018 episode of their podcast, Hot Marriage Cool Parents. Jamie, who was 10 weeks pregnant, said that they were faced with three options: “1) Wait for my body to miscarry our baby naturally. 2) Go to the hospital and have a D&C. 3) Take medication to help my body miscarry quicker.”

Jamie revealed that she went for option three, taking medication, since she doesn’t want to risk infection or undergo D&C (dilation and curettage —  “a procedure to remove tissue from inside your uterus,” according to the Mayo Clinic). The small screen star, who’s also a Bachelor alum, went on to thank her supportive fans, and ended on how grateful she is for her 16-month-old daughter with Doug, Henley. Jamie shared a sweet photo of her and Henley snuggling along with the heartbreaking announcement, writing, “Spending the rest of the day in bed thanking God from the bottom.of.my.heart for our rainbow baby, @henleygracehehner 👶🏼🌈 Feeling so blessed to have her to hold while my heart aches!🙏🏻.”

Jamie first suffered a miscarriage in Feb. 2016, losing her and Doug’s baby boy Jonathan Edwards four months into the pregnancy. But the couple rejoiced when it welcomed “rainbow baby Henley” in Aug. 2017! The parents planned to give Henley a sibling after making an exciting announcement in April 2018: Jamie was expecting again. But once again, the mother had to share heartbreaking news just five months later in Sept. 2018: she had a chemical pregnancy. It’s an “early miscarriage” that “happens within five weeks of implantation,” according to Parents magazine.

Like the message above, Jamie broke the devastating news to her Instagram followers in Sept. 2018. “Sorry I’ve been MIA, this very bizarre positive pregnancy test then negative test then faint positive lines gave me hope that Gracie was going to become a big sis in 9 months, but the night before last I began having terrible contraction-like pains & spotting,” she explained. “Then over the night full blown everything – if you know what i mean.😢 I’m a nurse so I had my suspicions; but my midwife confirmed I had a chemical pregnancy.” She then lamented “why some people have it seemingly SO easy to get preggers & carry their babies to term” while “others struggle.” We hope Jamie and Doug, who met and tied the knot on Married At First Sight in 2014, will one day have their wish granted and welcome a second child.

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