Did Madonna Get Butt Implants? — Before & After Pics


Madonna fans everywhere are raising their eyebrows, after a shocking video appeared where the singer’s butt looks MUCH larger than usual. See before and after pics here!

Is Madonna, 60, starting the new year off with some new curves? It looks that way, thanks to a shocking video that surfaced of the singer at New York City concert hall on Dec. 31. In the clip, Madonna’s derriere looks significantly larger than usual, and fans on Twitter are flipping out! Tweets immediately started pouring out questioning whether the Queen of Pop had gotten some work done. “Wait did Madonna get her butt bigger? Or please tell me it’s pads,” one person tweeted. “Oh gosh Madonna why did you get that horrible fake butt,” another tweet read.

It was during a New Year’s Eve performance alongside her son David Banda, 13, that the questions started rolling in, and they haven’t seemed to stop. “If not butt implants, then butt pads. SOMETHING,” insisted celebrity gossip writer Perez Hilton. “Looks like she has a pillow down there,” another fan said in a tweet. Some really felt some type of way about Madonna’s new curves. “I think the saddest ending to 2018 is finding out that Madonna got butt implants,” one even said. Watch the video below and decide for yourself: Did Madonna have work done?!

Madonna’s performance with David wasn’t the only holiday quality time she spent with her fam. She found time to bond with nearly all of her six kids! Madge shared the sweetest snapshot to her Instagram on Christmas Day, and embraced her little ones as she glanced at the camera. “Merry X-mas from Mambo and 4 of her 6 unicorns! 🦄🦄🦄🦄+🦄🦄. Sending Much Love 💜💜💜💜💜💜 and many prayers for ☮️ on Earth! 🌎🌍🌏. #blessed,” she captioned the post.

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Catch the questionable video above, and a set of before and after pictures! Madonna has yet to address the rumors, but after seeing the clip, we’re not surprised that everyone’s talking about her tush!

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