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Jenna Jameson was 205 pounds during her third trimester in 2017, and she’s now around 120 pounds — here’s the diet that helped her achieve those ‘before and after’ results!

Jenna Jameson, 44, is back with a new set of before and after photos of her weight loss! On Dec. 17, the former adult entertainment star revealed her waist that continues to shrink after her scale’s numbers dipped from 205 pounds to 120 pounds, which she first revealed on Nov. 17. In the adjacent “before” photo, Jenna is pictured before the dramatic transformation, after recently  giving birth to her third child, Batel, in April 2017. Jenna gave us a detailed checklist of diet do’s and dont’s on how she lost the baby weight!

“Things that have helped me lose weight- I stopped snacking. I allow myself to get hungry,” Jenna wrote in Monday’s Instagram post, which you can see below. “I walk to where I need to go. I stop eating when I’m satisfied.” Jenna takes this a step further by intermittent fasting from 6 p.m. to 11 a.m, five days a week, and you won’t find any processed foods in her pantry! “I don’t feed my family processed food. I barely EVER eat out,” she continued to write. To avoid temptation, she then revealed she only shops “the perimeter at the market” — you know, the territory of produce and meats! As for which markets she practices this strategy at, Jenna had shared that Whole Food’s and Trader Joes are her favorites in a Nov. 11 post.

You can read Jenna’s full caption below, in which she also admitted to occasionally cutting dairy if she’s not seeing results. But really, the mother of three relies on the ketogenic diet for most of her results, which she’s now been following for eight months. More popularly known as the keto diet, it “centers on fat” but still has its dangers like any health fad, Harvard’s Health Letter reported. Still, Jenna is a firm believer. “A lot of media has gone out of their way to hire ‘so called doctors’ to disprove the keto lifestyle and plant the seed that it isn’t sustainable,” she wrote on Nov. 17. “Well here I am folks, 7 months on keto and LIVING MY BEST LIFE.”

Jenna Jameson pictured in 2017 (left) and Dec. 2018 (right). Courtesy of @jennacantlose/Instagram

The keto diet’s benefits have extended from Jenna’s tush to her face, as she revealed her new foods alleviate inflammation! “I’ve never talked about how changing my diet has impacted the inflammation in my body,” she wrote in another Instagram post on Dec. 12. “Not only has my face changed from weightloss, but eating whole foods and next to zero processed foods has made my skin better. Less puffiness, we all can go for that!”

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