6 Things You Need To Know Before You Treat Your Hair With Keratin Love


Keratin Treatment Before vs. After

Smooth and frizz-free hair is the thing of today’s fashion. Some are satiated with swift methods like styling creams and scalding tongs whereas some want something long-term. Keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts are the common go-to options for long-lasting shine. This process has become quite popular for bridal formal party makeup in East Windsor, New Jersey.

However, before you make a ‘heated’ decision to go give yourself some spa-love, there are six things you must know about these treatments.

‘Keratin’- A hoax?

Keratin is a protein which protects and maintains the structure of our hair. The term ‘keratin’ is often a prank well played. A marketing trick to attract customers, keratin nourishment only pertains to a very few treatments, rest employing other traditional chemicals. While formaldehyde is conventionally used, latest techniques involve the use of methylene glycol and formalin.

What goes on?

Like all hair treatments, this too is time-consuming. After a thorough cleansing of your hair for grime suspension, solutions are applied and spread evenly all over your hair and is allowed to settle for some time. In the end, the smooth texture is locked by the use of hot irons and blow-driers. This treatment unlike permanent straightening, clasp the split-ends and glue them together forcefully with heat for a temporary time-span and not provide permanent nurturing.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the smoothest hair of them all?”

This methods work like magic and gives instant results. It is also true that magic is nothing but a play of tricks! It offers silky and straight hair 💇‍♀️instantaneously however for only a short while. If you have curly hair, the curls only soften and you can expect them back in a few months. With growing out of it, the effects of the treatment lessen and can go back to normal in about two to five months after the process. Finding other beauty services is not to so difficult, for example just search for 👁eyebrow threading near me in case your eyebrows need some care.

A risky affair

Several chemicals are involved in the process and they might prove to be hazardous. Salons advertise their keratin treatments as formaldehyde-free which may not be the truth! Perhaps not as an ingredient, solutions may contain chemicals that release formaldehyde- a known carcinogen- as gas when heated or soaked, such as formalin and methanol. Severe heat involved in the process is also a reason to limit your spa tours to get such treatments.

Post-treatment care

Post-treatment care dominates the longevity of the treatment. This includes washing your hair after a particular time-span after the process and use of various products on a regular basis. Avoiding salt and dust to settle and makes texture last long.

Expert comments

Experts have recommended to use keratin products but to make sure that they are formaldehyde-free as this cause several types of infection or irritation. Do your research before choosing a product.

These were some of the things you need to know before going for this treatment. If you still have doubts, you can contact at one of the best salons near you for all the guidance and help you need.

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