“Hair loss is not life-threatening. It’s life changing.”


Hair loss is not life-threatening. It’s life changing.”

-Dr. Ken Washenik, Chief Medical Director of Bosley®️ Hair Restoration

“Losing your hair is like losing a part of your soul.”

-Central California Laser Hair Therapy patient, Karen.

My career of helping people deal with hair loss has been rewarding…interesting and most of all, entertaining! Entertaining in a science-fiction kind-of-way. There is so much misinformation, superstition and fabrication about thinning hair’s causes and cures. The stories being spun make the Lord of the Rings sound factual!

I’ve personally counseled thousands, lectured at hair loss industry meetings and medical conferences, published articles and textbook “how-to” information, appeared on national and local television and have been interviewed on radio and in print media, about how to solve this annoying, sometimes

debilitating, condition. I’ve created a loyal following and earned the respect of my colleagues, because I like to tell all sides of the story. I’m passionate about hair loss because it comes from my own experience; from going bald in my twenties!

I have tried to shed light on the best ways for the follicularly-challenged men and women to deal with this condition by helping clients in my own clinics in Florida and California, as part of the nation’s largest hair transplant group, and as a representative of hair restoration products based in the USA and in Europe.

What the Heck?

When I revealed the title of this book, some of my colleagues in the business of hair restoration were concerned I was writing something negative about the hair loss industry.

The truth is, my intent was exactly the opposite.

Granted, this book contains many of my own opinions, spawned by my lengthy experience in the hair loss industry. I attempt to back my prejudices with support from some of the best minds in science and medicine. However, the reader must make his or her own conclusions of my accuracy.

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