Kenya Moore’s Fans Are Desperately Begging Her To Come Back To RHOA

Kenya Moore just shared a photo in which she is totally glowing with joy. As you all know, she recently gave birth to her baby girl, Brooklyn. She hasn’t posted a photo with the baby’s face yet, and her fans have been asking her to end their pain and show the baby.

Anyway, next to her latest pic, people have been begging Kenya in the comments section to come back to the RHOA series because they hate the show without her.

‘Be the sunshine in someone’s day ❤️ ‘ Kenya captioned her latest photo.

Her comments section is flooded with fans who want her back on RHOA.

‘I quit watching the show after they dissed you,’ someone said, and another follower wrote ‘The queen !!!!! RHOA is aware your absence has caused turmoil. Rest queen and reign again next season! Love you 😍😍❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️’

Another fan said ‘I tape it but can’t find the interest to watch all the way. When Kenya was on, I felt addicted.’

One confused commenter said this: ‘Kenya my dear, I follow u for a long time and watch the show, and I still don’t understand why U not in??? If u want to pm me, please do so. Because I can’t see any reason for you not to be in the show!!! The show is not a reality show without you. Please let me know the reason🙏 Again congratulation on your beautiful baby, and u look amazing💯‼️🔥.’💗😘’

Another supporter said that they stopped watching the show: ‘I won’t even watch it without Kenya. I have lost interest completely.’


What about you? Do you want Kenya back on RHOA?

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