Ray J’s Wife Princess Love Finally Embraces His Mother Sonja Norwood With A Stunning Photo That Confirms A Lot

All love between Princess Love and her mother-in-law, well, bonus mom, Sonja Norwood.

Ray J’s wife shared a stunning photo of Sonja on her birthday that confirmed what everyone has been saying — they really look alike and baby genius Melody was created in their image.

Ray J penned a heartfelt note to Sonja that read: “#HappyBirthday Momma!!! @sonjanorwood – I am so blessed to have you as my mom!! You’ve always been there for me! Whether I was right or wrong! You help guide me in the right light and always taught me to stay prepared for any opportunity that might come my way! Words can’t Express the love I have for you! I will always be here for you! No matter what!! Dec 5th is a very special day!!! Everybody pls wish my beautiful mother Happy Birthday!!!”

One follower replied: “Looks like Ray J with a wig…..Wow….it’s amazing how all of you look alike at times. You look like your husband and your in-laws. That’s amazing.”

Another commenter stated: “You, her and baby Melody look so alike, Ray must love his mother dearly he went and looked for her lookalike. she looks like you in this picture; I guess guys do marry women who look like their moms.”

This supporter shared: “Happy Blessed Birthday to you Beautiful Queen @sonjanorwood!!! What an exciting time to be alive! Today is your special day!!! You made it to this time for God to demonstrate His power on earth through you! As a citizen of God’s Kingdom, you are significant! You matter to us, and we are so grateful for your life! I make these declarations to you, and I pray you will agree with me… You will prosper and be in health, even as your soul (mind) prospers! The Lord is your shepherd, and you shall not want! God is blessing you right now with wealth, health, vision, insight, prosperity, love, laughter, peace, joy, strength, quality of life, and longevity! You shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord! We celebrate you today because you are our dear Sister in Christ!!! You are an indelible part of God’s Kingdom! Again, Happy Blessed Birthday to you!!!”


The year 2018 is ending on a positive note for the Norwood family.

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