Offset’s Rumored Side Chick Summer Bunni Cries In Apology To Cardi B


According to a report from TMZ, one of the women that Offset cheated with, who goes by the name, Summer Bunni, said she never intended to be a homewrecker. In a video captured by the tabloid publication, Bunni explains her situation with the Migos rapper, insisting she never knew things would go down this way.

The woman spoke with reporters from the publication recently and explained that it was never her intention to destroy Offset and Cardi B’s relationship.

Summer cried about it in public following the revelation that her fling with Offset may have been the final straw on Cardi B’s back. Reports have it that her short-lived romance with the Migos star was the reason for their split.

Reportedly, Offset had tried to arrange a threesome with another woman as well, rapper, Cuban Doll. Cuban Doll has been made fun of in the media lately for her interview with Adam 22 on No Jumper, on YouTube.

The rapper walked out of the interview after a few questions that she didn’t like. Whether it was deserved or not, the commenters roasted Cuban Doll. You can check out the video below:

As for Summer Bunni, she said she hasn’t slept with or hung around Offset since she and Cardi had their first child, Kulture. With that said, however, she feels horrible for potentially breaking up that family.

She even went on to say that she didn’t realize how serious their relationship was, despite the fact they were married. Since then, Cardi and Bunny haven’t spoken, but she did say sorry through TMZ.

As it was previously reported, Cardi B and Offset broke up earlier today, but will “remain friends” for the sake of their child, Kulture Kiari. Despite the shock of some of their fans, not everyone in the culture is surprised.


Offset has been busted cheating on Cardi B with more than one woman in the past, and she was willing to overlook it. One person wrote on Twitter, “Is anyone honestly surprised by all of this? Because I’m sure not.”

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