‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Is Done With James Kennedy And Scheana Marie

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent revealed this week that she has stopped working with music producer Sean2 Miles after finding out that her co-star Scheana Shay started to record with him. Kent says that that Miles working with Shay has “cheapened” her work, so she had to make a change.

“After I heard that they were working together, I no longer work with Sean2,” Kent told US Weekly. “I just take it personally when anything I do is cheapened. So, when stuff like that happens, it’s like, I can’t. Time to move on to the next, you know?”

Kent released two singles in 2017, and she will have two new tracks coming out during Vanderpump Rules’ upcoming seventh season.

Shay has not officially released anything since Shake That in 2014, which was a collaboration with her co-star James Kennedy. But she is now back in the studio and recording new songs like Better Without You, which Sean2 produced.

Shay said that she has had a lot of people ask her to put out new music, and Sean2 asked if he could get her into the studio because her “voice is dope” and he really wanted to work with her. So, the two worked out a great deal, and she will be releasing a five-song EP in March 2019.

“It’s something I enjoy doing,” said Shay.

She also said that Better Without You is the first song that she has ever written, and it is not about just one person. In 2016, Shay divorced Mike Shay, and in 2017 she broke up with boyfriend Rob Valletta.

As for Kent, she is currently focusing on her acting career and makeup line, all while planning her upcoming wedding to producer Randall Emmett. She says that she will start filming Row 2 in January and Give Them Lala Beauty is ready to expand. But with so many “irons in the fire” at the moment, she isn’t sure if music will fit in. But she never shuts anything down, and she definitely feels like making music.

One thing she isn’t feeling is a friendship with Kennedy. In a clip from the upcoming VPR season, Lala Kent says Kennedy betrayed her trust, and at this point their friendship is nonexistent.


Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules premieres Monday, December 3rd on Bravo.

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