Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton Will Spend Christmas Together Despite Their Ongoing Feud

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they would be leaving Kensington Palace and moving to Windsor, the rumors of a feud between Markle and Kate Middleton have gone into overdrive. Will the alleged drama between the two royals keep the family from spending the holidays together?

Last week, it was reported that William and Kate would be spending Christmas at the Middleton’s Berkshire mansion. Now it looks like they have changed their plans. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend the holiday with Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family at Sandringham, according to Radar Online.

Despite reports that the Duchesses do not get along because of their wildly different personalities, the two women will have to put up with each other at Christmas, making the family reunion not so jolly.

Back when Markle was planning her wedding to Prince Harry, an insider claimed that Kate was trying to help the former actress. But, Markle was so stressed out, bossy, and emotional during Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress fitting that Kate ended up in tears.

The two reportedly got past the tense moment, but a source says that the lack of friendliness between the two is what prompted Harry and Meghan to move.

Last Christmas, it was also reported that Kate confronted Meghan because she was being “downright rude” in front of the royals.

Kensington Palace has denied all of these claims. And, instead of letting the tabloids decide what insider is telling the truth, the Palace also issued a brief statement about rumors that Kate had to tell Meghan to stop berating members of her staff.

“This never happened,” was the official comment from Kensington Palace.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl has said an insider told her that there isn’t a feud between Kate and Meghan, but there is some distance between Harry and William.

“Kate and Meghan are very different people, and they don’t have a lot in common, but they have made an effort to get along,” said the source. “Any issues are between the brothers.”


One thing is for sure. We will never truly know what is going on with the royal foursome – especially between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton – because they will never talk about their private issues in public.

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