YOUR Custom Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash have arrived!


Personalized Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash.

What does it feel like to have a product made specifically for you, down to the last detail? Immensely satisfying? Like a revelation? Or just plain exciting? That’s what we wondered when we set out to make bath products that WORK! Over a year of research and meticulous testing later, we know. It’s a feeling of contentment that cannot be described in words because we have never experienced it before.

At Pure & Mine (P&M), we make custom shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Each of these products is personalized to you in every sense, in name and in soul. All you need to do is fill out a quick quiz on our website specifying your hair/skin type and hair/skin goals. Since we love you so much, we also let you pick the fragrances and colors of these products. With your inputs, we create that one perfect combination of ingredients for you out of millions of possibilities, which works.

P&M understands you are different. When we first started out with the idea of making impactful hair care and bath products, we realized how generic products almost never deliver 100% results to even their target audience, let alone each customer. That’s why we chose to customize our products for our users. You want your conditioner to hydrate and add luster to your locks? Personalize it so to be Pure and Yours.

More than just being able to find a product that fits, you go through a shopping experience that makes a mark in your memories. You are not just a customer in this journey, you are a CO-CREATOR of your product. Each time you specify a hair/skin quality or pick a hair/skin goal, you are picking from our carefully curated collection of ingredients. And you round up by choosing your own fragrances and formulation colors. Want your bath to smell like summer, bang in the middle of spring? We’ve got you covered. Feel like getting a body wash that goes with the color of your bathroom tiles? We will deliver. P&M truly empowers you with the ability to change each small aspect of your formulation while keeping everything else about it just right. So choose a new fragrance month or create a new formulation for every season. P&M will be by your side.

The result? These personalized hair care and bath products act on your hair/skin taking into account their very nature and are able to produce better results. And since you clearly set your hair and skin goals, the products are designed to meet your unique expectations.

Pure and Mine has used a proprietary algorithm and specialized technology to make these custom beauty products out of our handpicked inventory of natural and organic extracts. We are all about pampering your hair and skin without inviting known chemical trouble-makers to the party. In fact, we have published our complete ingredient list on our website, so that you know who(what) you are hanging out with, at bath time.

There’s more to the Pure & Mine custom shampoo products than meets the eye. Keep following our blog to know more about the journey of your bespoke products and what new adventures we will head out on together.

Until then, have a happy shower!

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