Pregnancy Rumors On Thanksgiving — Why Fans Speculated – Hollywood Life

When Tiny told fans she had a ‘surprise’ to share on Thanksgiving, it immediately sent them into a frenzy that she could be pregnant! So…what’s really going on here?!

“Surprise Surprise,” Tameka “Tiny” Harris posted on her Instagram story on Thanksgiving. “Can you guess what it is?” From there, she went on to share some DMs she got from fans who took a shot at guessing the surprise — and there was an overwhelming number of people who thought it meant the Xscape singer might be expecting another child with T.I.! “You expecting?” one person wrote, while another guessed, “You’re pregnant again.”

One fan even took it as far as guessing Tiny might be expecting a grandchild, to which she responded, “Ugh, hell NO.” Some of the other responses were about Tiny and T.I.’s relationship — one person guessed that they might be renewing their vows, while another wondered if the pair’s divorce is officially off the table. These two are finally in a good place with their relationship again, so that idea didn’t seem too far off! Someone else even asked if the announcement would be a surprise collaborative album for the couple!

Well, in the end…NO one guessed right! Tiny’s real surprise was a special Black Friday deal for entrepreneurs who want to advertise on Instagram, but don’t have the means to. As a business owner herself, Tiny wanted the chance to give back to other business owners and show her support for those grinding to make it.

The epic deal gives up to 75% off advertising on Instagram Stories. Business owners must submit their own flyer or video (Tiny provided the e-mail address in her Instagram bio), and be able to show proof that they are a legitimate small business. What a great way to give back!

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