Porsha Williams Receives The Cutest Present Form Her Fiance Dennis McKinley And She Totally Adores It – Watch The Videos Here

Pregnant Porsha Williams just got the best present from her fiance, Dennis McKinley. She was so happy that only by looking at her reaction one becomes all joyful as well. Just watch her videos that she shared on her social media account to see what she got.

‘Thankful for my New baby #PuppyMckinley ❤️😩Dennis totally shocked me because recently my dog Neko passed away 😢and he told me it best we wait until baby gets here to get another one. So for him to walk in with her was so special ☺️ #ItsaGirl #Morkie’ Porsha captioned her videos with the cute pup.

Of course, fans are melting in the comments section, and they keep praising and congratulating her.

Someone said ‘@porsha4real got that @tonibraxton Christmas song playing in the background. We ALWAYS play the Christmas cd whenever we cook big meals. The kids know when Toni comes on it’s about to go down lol’

Another follower told her ‘@porsha4real I’m so happy for you!! I can tell you are in love and I’m glad you’re having your dream baby and with your good man!!’

Someone else also praised Porsha’s happiness and said ‘Omg I love your love!!!! Your smile on your face it never leaves I can tell how happy you are now so changed !! You have come so far I’ve been following you since the beginning 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 love your little family. 😍😍’

One follower said that they are ‘Team Porsha allllll the way. You deserve all the happiness. Don’t let anyone steal your happiness. You are blessed and highly favored. Not one can take that.’

One of her fans wrote that they are ‘So happy for Beautiful1 Porsha living your best life sis you and Dennis deserves all happiness and joy welcome McKinley cute puppy. 😍♥️💗’

Dennis made Porsha very happy with his gesture, and this comes just after he was accused of some pretty shady behavior.


Porsha made it very clear that she doesn’t care about anything and she’s in love with her fiance.

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