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Cardi B is gearing up for her four-month-old daughter Kulture’s first holiday season over the next few weeks and she’s planning on showering her bundle of joy with amazing gifts!

Cardi B, 26, can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with her four-month-old daughter Kulture and she has some pretty exciting stuff planned for the holiday! The rapper’s bundle of joy, whose father is Cardi’s hubby Offset, 26, is celebrating her first magical holiday season and it’s sure to be incredible. “Cardi couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate Christmas and the holidays with Kulture this year,” a source close to Cardi EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Cardi even started buying presents several months ago and is so excited to spoil Kulture on Christmas morning.  She has been buying tons of holiday decorations for her house and can’t wait to see the look on Kulture’s face when she sees her presents on Christmas morning.

Although it will be an intimate affair, Cardi doesn’t plan on just having Offset and Kulture there, she also plans on inviting her entire brood! “Cardi is planning on having her entire family over to her house so they can all celebrate together,” the source continued. “The holidays are a really special time for all of them and will be even more incredible for Kulture’s first Christmas. Cardi is in such a happy place right now because she finally feels like her family is complete.”

Cardi’s been very protective over showing little Kulture to the public so we can bet that the baby girl’s Christmas won’t have a huge spotlight on it. Or maybe, just maybe, the new mom will surprise us and give us all a holiday gift of seeing an adorable pic of her sweet daughter! We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us. With Cardi, anything is possible!

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