bitchy | Serena Williams was named GQ’s Champion of the Year & ‘Woman’ of the Year

GQ has named Serena Williams their woman of the year. GQ’s men of the year are Michael B. Jordan, Jonah Hill and Henry Golding. I approve of all these choices? And as a Serena Stan, I appreciate that they not only named her Woman of the Year but they also labeled her “Champion of the Year.” Serena’s cover story gets released on Thursday, but here’s a taste from GQ:

No matter how you cut it, Serena Williams had a remarkable year. Jeanne-Marie Laskas visits the G.O.A.T. at her Florida home to hear about the U.S. Open moment heard around the world, along with Serena’s plans for the future, her thoughts on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court appointment, and what it’s like to be a black woman in America in 2018. All that, plus GQ worked up a special surprise cover collaboration with Virgil Abloh—the Off-White designer behind her coolest on-court looks in 2018—featuring his signature quotation marks in his own handwriting.

[From GQ]

Just FYI: I wasn’t really in love with the Virgil Abloh-Nike collaboration. That collab brought us the lilac and black tutus at the US Open. Serena looked like a magnificently deranged ballerina, out there destroying everyone but Naomi Osaka on court.

Anyway, for those people (HATERS) who are like “what’s the big f–king deal, what did Serena even do?” Um… she came back just months after an incredibly complicated and life-threatening delivery of her first child and tried to win. She showed vulnerability on the court and off, in a popular docu-series on HBO. She made the finals of two Slams within 53 weeks post-birth. And she did it all while still dealing with some of the most racist and sexist bullsh-t.

Also, there’s some low-key drama online about GQ’s use of quotation marks around “woman” on the cover. Apparently, there’s a reason for it – it’s a Virgil Abloh thing. But GQ’s editor should have caught that sh-t and realized that it was wrong to even open up that can of bullsh-t worms. There’s also some low-key drama about Serena going sans pants on the cover. On that one, I give GQ a pass. Serena LOVES to show off them thighs in magazine editorials, as is her right. Personally, I love her thighs. She’s so powerful, and that’s what I see – a beautiful, powerful athlete who is proud of her body.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red, and cover courtesy of GQ.

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