bitchy | Prince William claims he wants Charles to spend more time with his grandkids

Prince William and Prince Charles have a famously dysfunctional relationship. I understand why William is still quite touchy about his childhood, how Charles treated Diana, and Charles repeatedly using William for PR purposes. But I also think that William often comes across like an ungrateful brat in his dealings with Charles. Charles has financed William’s work-shy lifestyle for years, and Charles gives William whatever he wants, and all Charles gets back is disrespect and tantrums. In 2015, Charles even had a hand in publicly guilt-tripping William over access to Prince George and Princess Charlotte – William has always severely limited Charles’ time to his grandkids, and Charles let William know publicly that it was no longer okay.

So, in this new documentary about Charles (Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70), William goes on camera and talks about how he really wishes Charles would spend more time with his grandkids – hahaha – and how William is going to be a different kind of Prince of Wales and king.

William on Charles as a grandfather: William says his father is “brilliant” with Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 3, and 6-month-old Prince Louis. But William also says he wishes that his dad would slow down enough to be able to spare more time for them. “It’s something I’m working more heavily on, put it that way,” William said. “I think he does have time for it, but I would like him to have more time with the children.” Now that his father has reached his landmark year, “it’s a perfect time to consolidate a little bit as most families would do, you are worried about having them around and making sure their health’s okay. He’s the fittest man I know, but equally I want him to be fit until he’s 95. Having more time with him at home would be lovely, and being able to you know play around with the grandchildren. Because when he’s there, he’s brilliant. But we need him there as much as possible.”

Camilla says Charles is good with HER grandchildren:
“He will get down on his knees and crawl about with them for hours, you know making funny noises and laughing and my grandchildren adore him, absolutely adore him. He reads Harry Potter and he can do all the different voices and I think children really appreciate that.”

William will do things differently:
Prince William, while admiring of his father’s “work ethic” and “passions”, intends to do things his own way when he inherits the title and accompanying income from the Duchy of Cornwall. William, setting out his own stall, said: “Personally, I want to be my own man, and take my own style, my own passions and my own interests, my way, and do things slightly differently.

[From The Guardian & People]

I mean… I have my thoughts, and perhaps they are unpopular thoughts among the “Will and Kate are preparing to be King & Queen, that’s their priority?!?!?” crowd. I think William was a sullen, spoiled, tantrum-prone jackass to his father for years and he did it because he could get away with it. Then there was a shift – maybe it was raising his own kids – which I doubt – or maybe it was something else, but suddenly William is very keen to reconcile a bit with Charles. My guess for that something else is still “the entrance of Meghan.” Do not discount how significantly she changed the dynamics of this family.

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