Achieve Fuller Beard and Mustache Through a Hair Surgery


Are you unable to enjoy normal growth of hair in beard and mustache? Want to get fuller beard and mustache like a style icon? If yes, then it is possible through mustache and beard hair transplant in Pakistan.

Different people opt for this surgery with different reasons; some people need this surgery just because they want to cover some burn marks. Other men might be able to grow hair of beard but they want to get rid of bald patches. Even there is a case when people don’t have normal growth. Some people keep beard hair because such hairs offer them full self-confidence. No matter what the reason behind a beard hair surgery, you always have a chance to grow hair like a style icon in less than a year.

What is really important for a patient of hair loss is the cost of a surgery. A surgeon would be able to provide you a cost estimate based on number of grafts you required for a surgery. The cost is charged per graft basis or per session basis. It is possible that you need more than 500 grafts for the beard surgery and more than 200 grafts for your mustache hair surgery. If you need highly dense beard then it requires more grafts. This means cost of surgery will be increased. Though cost will be high yet you are able to restore your mustache and beard hair.

It is important to plan a consultation session with your surgeon before facial hair transplant in Islamabad. During this session, you need to tell your surgeon what you are expecting from your surgery. How dense hair you need in your beard and mustache. Your surgeon will make the best plan that helps you achieve the best results from this surgery.

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