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Sara Alexander

A woman’s hair is her pride and joy, but how much time do you have to spend on it? In a recent survey, women were asked how long they spend styling their hair on a daily basis. It was concluded 48% spend less than 10 minutes, and only 5% spend more than 20. Thus, a large group of women don’t have the time or energy to use multiple appliances while getting ready in the morning. Through further investigation, 78% of the women confirmed using straighteners and curling irons to style their hair, with 64% afraid of burning themselves during use. This led to two conclusions: Time is a big factor in ones morning routine, and the current styling appliances make it too difficult to safely curl and straighten ones hair.

I am not a fan of the curler, it gets super hot and I feel like I have to put it so close to my ear that I’m scared of burning it.

I’m bad at curling my own hair. The result is scary.

I’ve used a curling iron, but it takes so long that I’m kind of scared to mess up the curls since I haven’t practiced enough.

With these findings in mind, it was time to design a product that makes it easy for women to style their hair, in addition to making it nearly impossible to burn themselves. Beginning with a simple glove form, the product would be flexible and easy to slip on if in a rush. The middle, index finger, and thumb then have another layer containing a flexible heating pad to iron or curl hair with one’s fingers. To do so, one simply has to twist hair and “iron” with the heating pad or straighten between the two fingers.

Looking into the gloves’ construction, it’s designed to be flexible to the hand and safe for use as to not get burned. Based off current technology, we look at various heat-protective fabrics and wire mesh. Nichrome wire, currently found in toasters and hair dryers, can be used as the heating material ranging from 325°-425° fahrenheit. The wire is layered back and fourth, sandwiched between the heat protective glove and a heat conductive fabric for the actual iron. The gloves’ goal is to be one styling device someone can use quickly and with ease. It’s not meant for extreme styling, but for your everyday-do when you need the straightened hair or subtle curl.

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