The Holiday Archetype Collections: Adventurer


For our Gaardians that embrace the call of the wild.

For the fellow that always has a place to be, we present a journey through the lively greens, soft floral, and earthy undertones that rustle in the leaves. Wherever the trail takes you this holiday season, let our goods stand guard over your hair, face, and beard with the perfect gift from the Apothecary for your favorite Adventurer, even if that Adventurer is you.

There’s nothing like our very own River Peak Apothecary to tag along with our Adventuring Gaardians. Think of us as a protector for your beard and skin, no matter the season. You be the guide, and us the companion as you go forth into the realm.

Beardsgaard Barbers

But if your beard isn’t what needs the most protection from the beasts that lurk in the brush, then let us take you through the other fine goods that can help you on your next journey. A well packed adventurer is a well prepared one.

Fill your pack below

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