B.C. Liberal party rebrands at convention, working to broaden appeal

B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson on Saturday unveiled his party’s new brand identity as “Opportunities for all of B.C.”


B.C.’s Liberal leader says he gives himself and his party an “A for effort” in their work trying to reconnect with the electorate following a devastating loss of power last year.

Speaking to reporters at the party’s convention in Vancouver, Andrew Wilkinson said the party has about 60,000 members, and pointed to Saturday’s “packed” convention hall as evidence that it’s moving in the “right direction.”

The party unveiled its new brand identity as “Opportunities for all of B.C.” The slogan was based on feedback from focus groups, and Wilkinson says it represents the party’s commitment to represent more than a select few groups or people in the province.

The B.C. Liberal party is not affiliated with the federal Liberals, but describes itself as “a made-in-B. C. free enterprise coalition” that includes members of the federal Conservative and Liberal parties.

The party led the province for 16 years leading up to the 2017 election.

The Liberals won the highest number of seats, but were defeated when the NDP signed an agreement with the Green party and Lieutenant-governor Judith Guichon gave the New Democrats the thumbs up to lead as a minority party.

This is the first Liberal party convention since Wilkinson won the leadership race earlier this year on a platform to expand and broaden membership, as well as fight the possibility of electoral reform that would see the province move to a proportional representation system of voting.

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