Reuzel family – Jelly Roll & Psycho Wedge


Meet the newest additions to the Reuzel family – Jelly Roll & Psycho Wedge! These Hoglectibles are the latest in the bobblehead series alongside those original Scumbags, The Bloody Butcher and The Bearded Bastard. These Hoglectibles have been designed by tattoo/subculture artist Duck Plunkett.

Jelly Roll

Let us introduce “Jelly Roll”, who is made famous by Kaiser Huang of Cool Cats Barbershop in Taipei, Taiwan. Kaiser Huang is a barber and adie-hard Rockabilly (the perfect match if you ask us!). “I feel like a man who lives in the wrong era. I am fascinated by everything from the 50’s and 60’s. I started barbering to let everyone feel the magic of Rockabilly culture.”

As for the haircut, the Jelly Roll (A.K.A Elephants Trunk) is an all time Rock ‘n’ Roll classic and worn with attitude since the early fifties.

To achieve the Jelly Roll, keep the hair long on sides and backcomb into a duck’s ass. Leave a loose quiff in front.

Products used to create this look: Reuzel Pink & Green Pomade

  • Medium & Heavy Hold
  • Low Shine
  • Oil Based



Psycho Wedge

Next, we have the “Psycho Wedge” worn by Daan Verbruggen of Namakubi Tattoo. Daan started an apprenticeship in tattooing whilst still in school and explained it was still an ‘underground thing’. “I met the right people at the right time in Antwerp and worked my way up from there.

Since there were a few tattoo artists at that time and most of them in the Red Light District, I

gained clients quickly in the punk and hardcore scene. I started specialising in Westernized Oriental tattoos, which is still my passion”.

The Psychobilly Wedge has been around for decades and is a mixture between the mohawk and

the Psycho Quiff, shaved sides of the head elongating from the nape area to the longer Pompadour. The front of the hair is often dyed bright colours.

Product used to create this look: Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade

  • Extreme Hold
  • Matte Finished
  • Water Based
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