Build Your Esthetician Career with Education from the Best Esthetics School in Illinois


Becoming a famous esthetician is the dream career of many, but only a few get a chance to develop adequate skills to become one. The John Amico School of Hair Design is a well-known Esthetician School that provides the proper academic learning program, as well as the practical training program for becoming a successful esthetician. The esthetics course at John Amico School of Hair Design offers comprehensive education and professional training for skin care, hot and cold waxing specialist, body wrapping, body treatment specialist, Medi-spa aesthetician, and make-up artistry.

Esthetician School

John Amico School of Hair Design is counted among the best Esthetics Schools in Illinois for the education of esthetics, cosmetology and skin care technology. It does not just cover the basics and skill development; it also gives business development training and tips so that those who wish to own their own spa can do so with a strategic business plan in place. To this end, the program carried out by John Amico School of Hair Design includes special business classes by Mr. John Amico Sr., as well as the communication skills, teaching them how to develop better relationships between clients and service providers, in order to have better client retention in their future business. Also, the aspirants are given the proper platform to exhibit their skills as a professional in various exhibitions, events and workshops, giving them exposure to the industry as well as giving them a rare opportunity to connect with the successful professionals in this field.

Get enrolled in John Amico School of Hair Design for Esthetician program, and see your career soar!

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