Jenelle Evans Defends David Eason For Wearing A Confederate Flag

As fans of Teen Mom and Jenelle Evans know, around a week ago, Jenelle called the police because of an incident of supposed domestic violence. The reality star called the authorities, accusing David of being abusive and drunk, also suggesting he may have broken her collarbone.

Later on, she recanted her claims and said that he never actually did anything and it was all just a big “misunderstanding.” David came under attack later, when he posted an image of himself on Instagram wearing a confederate flag, which some people, incorrectly, construed as an act of racism.

In the photo, he wrote, “where I’m from is who I am and family fought and died for the land.” “Red, white, and blue, comes in more than one pattern.” In the end, he urged his supporters to agree, and for those who don’t: “get off the page!”

As it was previously reported, Eason, who lost his job on Teen Mom 2 from MTV because of homophobic tweets, has been stirring up controversy for all the wrong reasons.

Following the online backlash for the Rebel Flag, Jenelle defended David, reposting a video that another man created in support of David. She added, “thanks @ryanupchurch.”

Regardless, fans have been quite concerned about Jenelle’s wellbeing, with many people online thinking that she’s suffering from battered-wife syndrome.

In case you’re not familiar, it’s when the victim of abuse justifies their treatment by their abuser. Last Thursday, Jenelle shared a YouTube video online suggesting that she was fine.

The star said, “So, I don’t know why you guys would think that I would continue to stay in this relationship If I was being abused.” One person wrote in the comment section, “if that was the case, then why would she call the police and accuse her husband of being a violent, dangerous, drunk?


Despite the neverending controversy, their family appears to be getting along just fine. On Sunday, Evans, and Eason, who have a 1 and a half-year-old girl, Ensley Jolie, shared photos of each other enjoying activities on a farm.

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