What are the Main Steps in Hair Transplant Procedure?

You can ignore the initial signs of hair loss but you would not be able to do it for a long time because of the physical and psychological effects. Mild hair fall is a normal sign but you must visit a hair loss clinic if you feel hair thinning and hair loss is severe. A receding hairline and affected temple area indicate towards the occurrence of permanent baldness or male pattern baldness. For the treatment of permanent baldness, you have to visit the Avenues clinic where trained expert Dr. Kinnar Kapadia performs hair transplant Ahmedabad to get satisfactory results. Hair transplant surgery is permanent and we call it a permanent solution because of the baldness resistant hairs that grow on the sides and back of the head and do not fall due to the occurrence of severe baldness.

Having a brief look at the procedure of hair transplant is a good idea to understand the procedure properly.

The Procedure of Hair Transplant Surgery-

The procedure of hair transplant starts from the point when you come to the clinic for the first time. During the initial meeting, the surgeon asks you various questions regarding the medical history, your habits, condition of the scalp and health condition. The surgeon may also ask about the medication if you are having any.

After a proper diagnosis, the surgeon is supposed to give you a date to come to the clinic for the surgery and you have to arrive at the clinic on the same day.

When you come to the clinic on the day of surgery, the surgeon and staff will be ready to talk to you about the procedure of the hair transplant once again. The surgeon design the outline of your hairline and if you agree with the shape of your hairline, the surgeon goes ahead to follow the following steps:


Before the main procedure, the surgeon administers anesthesia to minimize the pain and discomfort during the surgery. Mostly, the patients prefer to be awake during the surgery so that, the surgeon choose local anesthesia to make the scalp totally numb.

Removing the Donor Hairs:

It can be done with two main techniques: FUT and FUE. In strip surgery or FUT, the strip of tissues are removed from the donor site and the surgeon harvests the hairs from that strip. These harvested hairs are transplanted to the bald area of the head. On the other hand, FUE does not involve the removal of a strip of the tissues but hair follicles are directly removed from the donor site and transplanted to the bald region of the scalp.

Inserting the Hair Grafts:

The surgeon has to insert all the hairs into the recipient area with utmost care. The angle and texture of the hair should match with the surrounding hairs and the hairlines should look perfectly natural after the surgery. The surgeon should show extreme artistic skills to provide natural results. Normally the surgeon chooses single hair follicular units for hairline and multiple hair follicular units for other areas according to the required density.

In the Avenues clinic, all these steps are performed with ultimate perfection by Dr. Kinnar Kapadia who is a well-trained hair doctor in Ahmedabad and has done hundreds of the procedure successfully. It means in the clinic, you can feel yourself in safe hands.

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