Megyn Kelly Officially Fired From Her Job Following Blackface Costume Remarks

Megyn Kelly lost her job working at NBC, a source revealed to the publication, Us Weekly. This comes just two days after the 47-year-old political commentariat discussed “blackface” in relation to Halloween costumes.

An insider said to the outlet on the 25th of October, Thursday, that the talk show host was forced out of NBC. She didn’t want to leave, the source claimed, but the management demanded that she had no choice.

The insider added that it all happened “so quickly,” so it’s going to take some time for Megyn to adjust. As it was previously reported, Kelly spoke on “blackface” makeup on the 23rd of October, Tuesday, in an episode which subsequently went viral online.

Speaking to Melissa Rivers, Jacob Soboroff, and Bush Hager, Kelly asked, “what is racist?” Megyn explained that it was ok for a white person to wear blackface and a black person, vice versa, as long as it was specifically for a character.

On Wednesday, she apologized for her comments, including to her colleagues and coworkers. The Today Show star, Al Roker, referred to the incident, stating that she “owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country.”

The 64-year-old went on to say that the history of racism runs deep in the United States, notably, minstrel shows, and other performances meant to demean and make fun of other races.

Reportedly, her recent comments were just an excuse for NBC to fire her because a source claims this was all just a long time coming. The insider added, “this isn’t a big deal for NBC, because they’ve been working at a way to get rid of her for a while now.”

In some ways, the source added, it was a “gift.” Moreover, employees weren’t surprised at what she said; they were more surprised that it didn’t all take place even sooner.


“Blackface” has become an issue of concern for Americans once again, with many people, such as the rapper, Common, stating there is no reason, ever, for a person to wear “blackface.”

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