How to Recover Hair Loss at Hair Transplanted Area?


Male pattern baldness may occur any time in life and it follows a certain pattern. At the peak stage of the severity, the hairs remain on the back and sides of the head and other parts of the scalp are entirely bald. The patients who face baldness visit the Marmm klinik for hair transplant in Indore because utilizing the donor area effectively is not possible in every hair restoration clinic.

The donor area is a very precious gift for hair loss patients because the surgeons use the hairs from the donor site in the hair transplant surgery. the hairs of the donor area are permanent in nature and they are supposed to grow forever after the hair transplant surgery. However, some patients are scared of the hair fall after the surgery.


They think the transplanted hairs may shed after the hair transplant surgery.

So we have to solve this question.

Is Hair Shedding Possible after the Hair Surgery?

First of all, hair fall is a natural part of the hair growth cycle and it is very common to lose 50 -100 hairs per day. So, the falling of permanent hair after the hair transplant surgery is completely natural and it is just a temporary phase.

But natural hair fall is different from the hair fall after the surgery.

Understand the Basic Difference.

Normal hair loss is the part of normal hair growth cycle that has three main phases, anagen, catagen and telogen. These three phases show the growth and fall of the hair and hair on the hair may be in any phase during a certain period.

The anagen is the growth phase and catagen is known as the transitional phase. Hair fall occurs during the telogen phase. In a normal growth cycle, the percentage of hair growth is higher than the percentage of hair fall. on the other hand, a disturbed hair growth cycle causes a higher percentage of hair fall in the comparison of hair growth.

Hair shedding may occur after the hair transplant surgery due to several reasons like:

Shock Hair Loss:

Tiny incisions made by the hair loss experts are sometimes traumatic on the scalp and the surrounding hairs and the body responds to this trauma by showing hair shedding. At this time, both normal hairs and transplanted hairs may fall due to the response of the body.

Grafts Rejection:

In some rare cases, the recipient area may reject the donor hairs and as a result, the hair shed after the hair transplant. in this case, the hair shedding after the surgery can be permanent.

Improper Aftercare:

It is obvious that newly transplanted hairs should be treated gently and the surgeon provides a full set of instructions for a proper hair care. If you fail to follow the instructions, the transplanted hairs may fall.

Most of the times, the hair shedding after the surgery is normal and hairs grow again. however, grafts rejection is a rare case and does not occur if the surgeon is trained and the clinic is authentic. Moreover, following the instructions are given by the surgeon is also necessary.

You may reduce the chances of permanent hair shedding after the surgery by visiting the Marmm klinik for hair transplant in Indore Side effects and other complications do not take place if the treatment is performed in the Marmm klinik since the clinic and its experts are ready to face any sudden conditions after the surgery.

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