Should Hair Thinning Be Treated From PRP Hair Loss Treatment?


It is quite possible that you ignore the initial signs of hair loss because at the starting point, the problem does not seem problematic but later it may take a serious form. All the men and women may face mild or severe hair loss due to several reasons like stress, medications, illness, improper diet, hormonal changes, medication conditions, and many other reasons. All these reasons, in fact, disturb the natural hair growth cycle to cause severe hair loss. According to hair loss experts, PRP Hair Loss Treatment is the best procedure for mild or severe hair loss. PRP is used to prevent thinning of hair and most of the time, the procedure is said to be very effective.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

To know more about the procedure, it is necessary to have a look at the procedure of the PRP treatment.

Expectations During The PRP Treatment:

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is extracted from the patient’s own blood. the surgeons start the treatment by taking a blood sample from the body of the patients and keeps this sample into a centrifuge to separate different parts of the blood sample. The surgeon gets Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP from the blood sample and makes special injections. Later, he injects these injections into the scalp of the patients to heal the hair loss.

It is said that PRP has certain growth factors to heal hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The surgeon may need to perform one or more treatments to get optimal results.

Before you decide to undergo the treatment in an authentic clinic, it is essential to check the candidacy of the patient.

Who Is A Right Candidate For PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP Hair Loss Treatment is an effective treatment for all but it is essential to check the candidacy of the patients you are a perfect candidate if you are perfectly healthy and do not have any chronic disease. You are not a perfect candidate if your count of platelets is not sufficient.

Moreover, the doctor provides certain instructions before and after the surgery and it is necessary for the patients that he follows all the instructions.

Let us have look at the most important instructions

Pre-operation Instructions

The PRP Hair Treatment expert is supposed to check your blood count to determine the count of platelets in your blood and if you do not have sufficient blood count, you would not be able to have the treatment. The surgeons would advise you to be away from aspirin or related medications. Moreover, the surgeon advises you to leave smoking or drinking if you have these habits.

Post-operative Instructions.

The PRP expert, after the procedure, keeps you under observation for some time and then you may leave the clinic with some instructions. Like before the treatment, the patients should not take aspirin or any similar medications for at least two weeks are the treatment. If you are feeling any pain or discomfort, tell it to your doctor and he will prescribe proper medication for pain management.

If you think you are a good candidate and you have chosen a proper place for PRP Hair Loss Treatment, it is sure that you are going to have positive outcomes after the treatment.

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