Finals of the International Barber Awards 2018


With the termination of the preliminary rounds all marks of the International Barber Awards stand now on the big final on the 21st of October 2018 in Nuremberg! A total of 19 finalists from 11 countries are qualified for the finals, among them four participants from Germany.


More than 500 barbers worldwide – men and women – had applied via on-line procedure to take part in the competitions at the highlight of the year: the International Barber Awards 2018. Thus many preliminary rounds in form of Live-Competitions were held in the following cities: London (UK), Oslo (Norway), Sofia (Bulgaria), Madrid (Spain), Vilnius (Lithuania), Zurich (Switzerland), Tirana (Albania), Graz (Austria), Hamburg, Mannheim, Aalen, Siegburg (Germany) and Sete (France). In all cases the setting of tasks for the participants were clearly outlined: the participants had to perform in front of an international jury, called in by the event-organizer 1o1BARBERS, an excellent Fade Haircut as well as a Hot-Towel-Shave, including an entire wet shave with compresses, within 75 minutes. It was up to the candidates themselves to decide whether they liked to persuade the critical jury with an especially creative or rather classical elaboration of the Fade Haircut. Besides that, criteria like the completion of the task, working structure, organization, tidiness of the working area, hygiene and the whole appearance of the barber, were also considered for the final judgement.


The finalists 2018

Michael Tews – Austria

Kreshnik Morina – Kosovo

Tsvetelina Gergova – Bulgaria

Kyriakos Papadopoulos – Greece

Eva Suarez Bua – Norway

Jens Engelhardt – Swiss

Navid Sabbaghian – Swiss

Sivo Tamer – Germany

Giuseppe De Sanctis – Germany

Thomas Boidol – Germany

Can Misirra – Germany

Roberto Morena – Spain

Juan Manuel Perdogones – Spain

Kieran Evans – UK

Yucel Olmezkaya – UK

Geoffrey Kvot – France

Abdelhakim Zaidi – France

Joucke Modderkolk – Benelux

Abdil Koksal – Benelux


Big final on the 21st of October 2018 in Nuremberg


At the big final the participants must prove themselves live on the stage in two disciplines in front of the jury.



Tasks for the big final:



Challenge: Head Shave + Beard Ritual

Time: 75min 


The finalists of the INTERNATIONAL BARBER AWARDS 2018 will have to perform a 2-in-1 grooming experience for their model. This challenge includes an excellent Hot Towel Shave for head and beard, whereby the whole performance will be judged. This means a high-class technical execution with precisely worked out contours as well as a structured working method and a special attention to high hygienic standards. In addition, the participants should surprise the jury with a final styling to convince them. Creativity is asked, but it should be realistic. As it is well known, sometimes less is more in man’s care.



Challenge: Trendy Haircut 2019

Time: 60min


All barbers which have mastered the semi-final with flying colours and got thanks to their previous work a ticket to the final, will face a true challenge: The hard international competition for winning the title „International Barber Awards 2018/19“. In the final the participants must persuade the jury with a trendy man haircut for 2019. Often barbers are told to be old-fashioned, although is not about trends in barbershops. The finalists should prove that they are able to create modern interpretations of haircuts which surely includes elegance and technical know-how. The biggest crisis that the barber industry suffered came by a non-adaptation to men’s demand back in the early 60’s, where music icons, such as The Beatles, ignited the revolution of growing long hair among men. Its up to the future champion to write a new story for the Grooming industry. However, beside talent and know-how he also needs two important qualities: Believe in him/herself and down-to-earth attitude! May the final battle begin!


Information about the International Barber Awards


In the past three years the „man’s event” and show-highlight for barbers from all over the world have become an absolute public and media magnet. Whether an employee or the owner of a barber shop or traditional hairdressers – anyone who dedicates him/herself with attention to detail to the customers and wants to show others that he/she is the best in their field is allowed to apply. Kevin Boon, winner of the 2017/2018 International Barber Awards will be also in Nuremberg besides other international industry leaders. „I am already excited about it and I’m looking forward to hand over the trophy to the new winner“, says Kevin Boon.  On top of the attractive title, the winner will get high-quality prices with a total value of more than 10,000 EUR. On Monday, the 22nd of October 2018 there will be as well the Senior Barber Awards for all applicants over 50.

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