Halsey’s Suggestion To Go To Target Makes G-Eazy “Shudder” – Here’s Why

On the 8th of October, paparazzi spotted G-Eazy and Halsey together outside of Il Pastaio following a dinner date in Beverly Hills, California. The 24-year-old pop star and 29-year-old rapper were hanging out with a group of friends that evening.

And recently, Halsey took to Twitter to say that G must be getting sick of her going to Target because he “shuddered” when she said she was going there in the afternoon.

Earlier on Monday, she stated, “I guess I spend a lot of time in Target because I just suggested going and G visibly shuddered.” As fans of the couple know, their relationship has been fairly tumultuous.

Previously, Machine Gun Kelly claims to have slept with Halsey following her breakup with G-Eazy. During an appearence on a Hot 97 radio show, MGK rapped a short diss-track about G-Eazy, to which G eventually responded on SoundCloud.

G-Eazy dissed MGK on his song, “Bad Boy,” and his lyrics openly took shots at the rapper who recently got into a widely publicized beef with legendary MC, Eminem.

As it was previously reported, MGK released a song, “Rap Devil,” in reference to Eminem’s Grammy Award-winning song, “Rap God,” where he suggested that Eminem was old, irrelevant, and had a “weird beard.”

In response, Eminem released “Killshot,” which subsequently went viral on YouTube and on other social media platforms.

Like Eminem said in his song, MGK’s career was called into question following the poor album sales of his latest EP, Binge, which reportedly sold approximately 21,000 albums in its first week, despite the popularity of his track, “Rap Devil,” on social media


It looks like G-Eazy doesn’t even have to respond to MGK anymore because Eminem already took care of that feud. As for Halsey and the rapper, reports indicate their relationship is going strong – for now.

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